Our Organ

Boston Spa Methodist Church has an organ built by Harrison & Harrison of Durham in 1878 at a cost of £477, which was £162 above the estimate, due to changes made during the installation. The action is pneumatic except for the swell organ which is tracker and which, when coupled with the great organ, is very stiff. It still retains most of its original parts making it a rare example of the early work of the company.

It is still played on a regular basis for Sunday services and for concerts. In 1975/76 it was dismantled and cleaned and some parts replaced and some adjustments made at a cost of £2000. It is regularly and skilfully maintained by Geoffrey Coffin of York. It is played for public concerts two or three times each year, a regular annual concert being given by the renowned  Simon Lindley who has held the post of Leeds City Organist since 1976 and who is keen to see the instrument fully overhauled; this is an aspiration which it is hoped to realise during the present decade. 

Jackie Faulkner - Organist

Tel: 01937 842 564
email: art.faulkner@tiscali.co.uk 



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