Joan's visit to Brikama 2011 February

Update on our school at Brikama

Returning from Banjul, capital of The Gambia, where it was at least 38 degrees everyday to arriving at Manchester where it was minus 1 was quite an experience! However the visit was extremely useful and necessary.


The 5 classrooms have been well maintained and have been painted again this year. We now have 600 children 3-8 receiving basic education, English, maths and French. Many of the older children can now read well. All can sing and dance and I certainly was well entertained.


On my 2nd visit all 400 children from the other site were brought onto our site. These are the 9-13.I have seen where they are and the conditions are dreadful. The head told me that when it rains they have to close the school because the rain pours through classrooms so during the rainy season life is very hard.


At the moment we are waiting for the second set of plans to get the final ok. The Superintendent Minister is pleased that the 2nd set of plans have  been well received by the Board. The bricks are now ready to build the foundations  and are all paid for. I did say please do not wait for me to lay the Foundation Stone as I cannot return before February 2012.  I wish that you could see the awful conditions that the children are working in , I know that you would feel, as I do, that they deserve better.


Because we are a Faith School we get no grants from the Gambia Government, but it is good to see Christians and Muslims being educated together. I admire the staff who  work for very little money when they could earn so much more in one of the State schools. They really are dedicated to their work.

I am so grateful for all the help you give to this school but my  gratitude is nothing compared to the gratitude shown by the staff and children. They said that they often remember us in their prayers but especially every Wednesday morning when they remember our kindness and help. They always pray for my good health, I wonder why!! Please let us continue to help. Our aim is £10000-00 by the end of August.

My  sincere thanks, love and blessings.    Joan



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