Fundraising Progress - Brikama


Joan Dyer launched her appeal for funding on 12 September 2010 to raise money to provide schoolrooms for the   9-13 year old children in Brikama. They do not currently have suitable buildings to use when the reach the age of eight.  They leave the facilities we have built for them. Join the exclusive Brikama Brigade and donate monthly for 12 months to enable Joan to hit her target of £10,000.

What are the benefits?

Together we will provide an everlasting education facility for Christian and Muslim children. They will be educated in harmony in this Methodist funded mission school. All money raised is strictly controlled and every pound is spent on construction.  Funds are controlled by a methodist minister in the Gambia and only paid out against materials and labour directly used for the school.  

November 29th 2010 update

1  We have a number of people who are now making direct debits, a summary of the total will be added to the site in due course.

2  East Keswick Methodist Church had a Craft Fayre to support the fundraising.  We are very pleased that they raised £356.10.

3  A donor from Tunbridge Wells saw our article on the website and generously donated £230 for the fund.

4  A patient in Harrogate Hospital donated £50 to Joan for the fund.

5  Adam Tomlinson BBC York Radio attended a fundraising evening and the funds were split between Brikama and other World

   Missions, this raised a total of £187 including raffle proceeds.

6  An Oversees Mission Service in Leeds raised £41 

Grand total excluding regular giving = £864.10 this represents 8.6% of the total required.

7  Lunch on 9 January and Lila recital raised £724-10  (we have now raised 15.8% of the total not taking account of the regular giving, this will be added to this total).

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