Messy Picnic

Are you Clever or Silly?

This was the question discussed during the celebration which took place at the beginning of Messy Church last Wednesday (15th July), as both 'Messy Church' and 'Busy Bees' came together for an afternoon of games and a picnic.

The afternoon started with families coming together and drawing pictures of the seaside which were then used during a telling of the story of the wise and foolish men .The agreement certainly was that it is better to be a clever person and follow Jesus. The story and discussion were followed by loud singing of a well known song which fitted the story and a short time of prayer, in the form of a song.

The families were then sent off in small groups to take part in a Treasure Hunt which involved finding items on the list provided and bringing them back, on completion, for checking; so that Treasure could be awarded later.


Various games and activities had been set up in the cottage garden and those taking part made paper boats, played different games, which included Jenga, Hoola Hoops, Stacking Chairs, egg  and spoon race etc., whilst some of the younger ones enjoyed the slide and other toys which had been put out.


Shortly after five pm, we all enjoyed a picnic tea which consisted of sandwiches, pizza, crisps, tomatoes and, a favourite pudding of all there, jelly and ice cream with cookie biscuits as well.

Before we finished we celebrated, with one of our families, a forthcoming marriage and reminded everyone that the next Messy Church will be 30th September whilst Busy Bees starts again at the beginning of September.

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