Peace Garden

On the evening of 29th April, the Scouts, Cubs and Beavers from Boston Spa came along, with their spades, shears, trowels etc and helped us with a spring tidy-up of the Peace Garden.

It was a hive of activity, reminiscent of worker ants or locusts, as for two hours they dug, raked, cut and slashed their way through the undergrowth and early spring weed growth that had accumulated throughout the garden.





They also transplanted some bluebells that would have been lost
when the new power cable is laid through the cottage garden.


Gerald remarked to one group of workers that it was good to see them beavering away, to which one replied "we're not beavers were Cubs!".


They were rewarded by not only the satisfaction of a job well done but also a welcome drink and lashings of food, in the 'Methodist' tradition. Another comparison with locusts was that there was not a scrap of food left when they had finished!


Everyone had enjoyed themselves in what was a great example of the church and community working together.


Peace Garden - Autumn Tidy Up (2014)
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Peace Garden
The Peace Garden

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