November 2014



Great News!

We have been given planning permission for our Church Redevelopment project and the proposed sale of the adjacent land.


The first meeting of the Reference Group was held on Saturday 18 October. This group is made up of volunteers from Church and from the groups that use our Church, to bring wider representation and expertise on to the team. This was a good session with much enthusiasm and support from the members. It is hoped to hold informal and ongoing consultations on a regular basis for the Reference group and indeed for everyone who would like to keep up to date with the progress of the Redevelopment project. A further session was held on Saturday 29 November and I am sure there will be encouraging feedback from this consultation.

We are grateful to everyone who has volunteered to be part of the consultations and to the Stewards for their support.

Following the District Grant application our Redevelopment Project has been awarded £40 000 from District, which is excellent news. Grant applications to Grant providers outwith the Methodist Church are now being prepared so that we can submit them as soon as we have planning permission.

It is an exciting time as we come closer to the commencement of the building works. Please continue to work together and pray together as we seek to build a place where church and community meet; asking for God’s help as we discern His will for us here in Boston Spa.

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