April 2016


As we draw ever nearer to the starting date of the Building Project, we realise that there are so many little details that will need to be finalised even after the builders start work on site. But everything is well advanced and as I write this update, we are hoping that within the next two weeks everything will be signed off for the start; when you read this at the beginning of May, the work on the building will be close to starting.

Working Parties have been arranged to clear the Church so that nothing will hinder the builders’ progress. Thank you to all those who helped in this clearing process. We plan to have our last Service in the Church building on Sunday 1 May after which we shall hold our Sunday morning services in the Village Hall. Indeed, after this date, most of the groups that use the Church premises will be transferring to the Village Hall whilst the building work is ongoing.

Our architect will be providing us with a choice of alternative colour schemes for the refurbished building; these will be brought to you for discussion and we shall be asking for your views and the views of the Reference Group before any nal decisions are made. We shall also have to decide on what chairs will be most comfortable, practical and that would compliment our beautiful Sanctuary. Dates for Reference Group meetings, to which all are invited, will be decided upon soon so that all the church members, congregation and other users of our building will be able to shape and influence the choices we have to make.

Our Gift Day will take place on Saturday 21 May and we sincerely hope that you will all be able to help us draw closer to our shortfall. We intend to publish a brochure detailing all that has been accomplished to date and what still has to be achieved.

There will still be a need to continue our fundraising events to meet the ongoing costs involved in running our Church as well as renovating the cottage. As you know, more volunteers came forward at the recent Church Council meeting to be part of a wider Fundraising Team and help with our fundraising. Thank you to all those who volunteered. I am sure many excellent events will be planned. The events planned so far are.

21 May - Gift Day

1 June
 -  Fundraiser at St Crux in York

15-17 July
 - Floral Display (our part of the wider Boston Spa Weekend Festival)

15 July - Lunchtime concert

As always we ask God’s guidance in all that we do; walking beside us, inspiring us and strengthening us as we go forward with our building project. When times seem difficult and frustrating, help us to remember that God is with us and holds us in His hand as we seek to realise His vision for His Methodist Church in Boston Spa. We pray for Him to help us to be cheerful in our giving, even to rejoice in the challenge and cost to us, and to teach us the humility that comes of knowing that He, God, is with us in our journey. Please continue to support our building project with your prayers. Your ongoing support and prayers are invaluable. 

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